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Raven's Nest Resort

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“Eat, Sleep, Campground. Repeat.”

When something sticks in your head, it’s probably worth doing. Faro has been thinking about campgrounds since high school, and luckily Emily is on board! After traveling Central and South America they decided it was time to come home and make it happen. It hasn’t been easy, but with the mantra “Eat, sleep, campground. Repeat.” and hard-working talented friends supporting their vision – they are making it happen.

Boasting impressive views of wetlands with the mighty Columbia River meandering through, they understand that creating space that can be shared and enjoyed is important. They saved one of their favourite spots (and views!) as the common area where campers staying at any of the 45 sites can come and enjoy the natural beauty.

As if that isn’t enough – they are building 8 cabins (in-development for the 2020 season) each with their own impressive view.

About Faro and Emily

Faro and Emily love being a part of the Fairmont community and meeting their guests. When staying at the resort you will no doubt see their smiling faces around as they are boots on the ground kind of people.

Ever learning – they also take ongoing business courses through ʔakisq̓nuk First Nation – “The Eagle program has been by far the best training. Practical and relevant to making this project a success.”

The site is also ground zero for the Wicked Woods Music Festival every fall – which is near and dear to their hearts.

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