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ProActive Safety & First Aid have experience you can count on. After 10 years working in the mining, forestry & oil and gas industries they decided to branch into providing experienced, quality safety consulting and medic services. Primarily focused on promoting a positive health and safety culture across Canada.

Their expertise includes:

Safety Consulting: We provide a complete range of Safety Support and Safety Consulting Services to large and small companies where we will work with you to provide the training, support, safety pre-qualifications and safety compliance your company requires, including developing your company Occupational Health and Safety manual & Emergency Response Procedures.

Safety Coordinators/ National Construction Safety Officers: Experienced, qualified safety professionals.

Occupational First Aid Level 3 Attendants: Meet your WCB requirements through our OFA3 Attendants who are highly trained and skilled in providing emergency care and response.

Certified Training Instructors: Certified First Aid, H2S Alive, Fall Protection, Incident & Accident Investigation Instructors &Trainers who strive to deliver high quality training.

Equipped Emergency Transport Vehicles (ETV) or Mobile Treatment Centers (MTC): Compliant with OH&S Regulations.

Emails: Mike Nichola s –

Nicky Hogan –

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