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The Ktunaxa Nation Dance Troupe has been taking the stage continuously since inception in 1999.  The Dance Troupe was a vision of Eldene Stanley, a Ktunaxa citizen.  It was through her vision to share the Ktunaxa culture and traditions with our neighbors and demonstrate that there is a healthier way of life to live.

The Dance Troupe is more than just a dance company, while dance is an artistic interpretation of bringing our traditional beliefs into everyday contemporary living, it also showcases traditional Ktunaxa and other First Nations dance forms.  The performances allow us to demonstrate our ability to bring our traditional lifestyles forward into our daily activities.

We cherish our Elders and always include them to perform with us.  We need them to share their wisdom and knowledge in order for us to share our language in the legends we showcase.   We also look to our youth, who are so willing to share their talents.

Our Services:

Ktunaxa themed theatric shows

Ktunaxa themed event support

Ktunaxa traditional protocols

Wellness reconciling historical impacts – Right to Tell


The Dance Troupe was originally made up of 75 dance performers and a Producer/Choreographer, Manager, Stage Manager, Technical assistance and Stagehands.  Our world premier performance was held June 2001 at the Key City Theatre, Cranbrook, BC with a live Drum group from Elmo, Montana known as Chief Cliff.  ‘Through Song and Dance’ featuring contemporary powwow dance styles full of high energy, music and bright colours.

                        “I’m proud to be Ktunaxa right now” – audience member”

Our experienced performers are professional dancers who compete all over North America.

It became obvious the Dance Troupe needed to travel, to date The Dance Troupe is world renowned performing in Europe and Germany twice and invited to the Pacific Rim.  The Dance Troupe have traveled regionally performing over 75 shows to date that showcased ‘Through Song and Dance’.   We have also had the opportunity to perform at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games; Lieutenant Governor in 2005 & 2009; Opening Ceremonies for the Free Style World Championships the list goes on.  We also produced many performances trough the Ktunaxa Nation Council one in particular, Stand Our Ground to defend Qat̓muk and all it stands for.

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