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FlexiNET Broadband Network is a powerful broadband network that utilises a combination of Fibre Optics and Wireless to deliver to Rural, BC. The network extends from Golden to Cranbrook, South Country, and Creston Valley. It comprises over 40 km of fibre optic lines and 17 communications towers. The combination of both wireless and fibre enables the network to reach an area of over 9000 homes.

The network is supported by a 24/7 operations team to ensure high up time. This team is based out of Cranbrook, and communicates with “feet on the street” throughout the network service area. The combination of continual monitoring and “feet on the street” is how FlexiNET delivers high reliability services to its business and residential customers. Additional Services Wholesale Internet Bandwidth to ISPs Network Engineering Services – Wireless & Fibre Optic Business Network Management Network Access throughout BC and Alberta Service Level Agreements for Business & Government

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