Foothills West Path Delivery
2023 (Elko Section) – Indigenous Construction Participation Program




Location: Fernie or Cranbrook, British Columbia

Anticipated dates of
July to October 2022 and July to October 2023

Shift schedule: 2 weeks on, 1 week off (10-12 hours per day) 

Compensation: $400/day + $60/day meal allowance;
accommodations provided

Training type: Online/on the job/paid


Kristi Strobbe

Interim ?a·knusti Integration Coordinator

P: (250) 489-2464 ext. 4052

C: (250) 427-6602



Foothills is seeking individuals who are
interested in participating in the Indigenous Construction Participation Program (ICPP) for
the Foothills West Path Delivery 2023 (Elko Section) (Project). The ICPP provides
opportunities for Participants to be on site during pipeline construction and play
a collaborative role in monitoring Project construction activities, including
how the execution of the Project’s Environmental Protection Plan (EPP) mitigates
potential adverse impacts to the environment, heritage resources, traditional
land and resource use and areas of cultural significance, as appropriate. The ICPP
targets individuals who have a keen interest in both the construction
and environmental aspects of pipeline development, and a desire to further
their knowledge and experience in the field and share that knowledge with Foothills
and their respective community. Where feasible, the ICPP will
provide Participants with the opportunity to identify and focus on
their area of interest with the intention of enhancing future training and
employment opportunities. 



Participants will report directly to the ICPP
Coordinator who is dedicated to facilitating discussions on construction
activities and environmental features and mitigation, as well as assigning work
activities for the day.
The role and responsibilities of the Participants are as follows: 

Complying with all applicable safety and code of conduct
standards/regulations set forth by Foothills and its Prime Contractor.

Observing construction activities and the implementation of
environmental protection measures as outlined in the EPP and associated
management and contingency plans.

Observing and assisting in the implementation of contingency plans, as
appropriate, including the Cultural Resource Discovery Contingency Plan.

Communicating observations, questions or concerns to the ICPP

Interfacing between their Indigenous group’s leadership and community
to provide updates on construction activities and reporting observations,
questions or concerns.

Participating in
Canada Energy Regulator (CER) inspections, upon request.

Completing written daily reports and submitting the reports to the ICPP
Coordinator. Report content shall include locations observed; site conditions; photos;
questions or concerns; and any actions taken to avoid and/or mitigate potential

Preparing weekly summary reports to be reviewed by the ICPP
Coordinator and Foothills and then submitting to their respective Indigenous
group. Report content will summarize the daily reports and provide a synopsis
of the work, findings, and learnings that resulted from participating during

Presenting to the Project team and community, upon request, regarding
their experience and lessons learned over the course of their participation in
the Project.



Prior to commencing work on the Project, all
Participants will be required to complete the necessary pre-work
qualifications. Foothills will coordinate safety and training
requirements required to participate in the ICPP, which includes:

Standard First Aid with CPR

Pipeline Construction Safety Training (PCST) or Construction Safety
Training System (CSTS)

Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System Training (WHMIS) 

Alcohol and drug clearance letter (minimum 8 panel, within 30 days of
start of work)

TC Energy’s HSE Field Orientation (

TC Energy’s Learning Management System (LMS) courses

Prime Contractor Site-Specific Project Orientation 

Any additional Prime Contractor-specific training requirements


Participants will receive on-the-job training
and mentorship throughout the course of Project construction activities which
will include observing and participating in various activities related to
environmental management, construction and inspection. Participants will be
provided Project-specific training, including an understanding of the Project
construction scope and environmental protection measures, as outlined in the
EPP and associated management and contingency plans, so Participants obtain a
better understanding of how their monitoring activities relate to Foothills’
commitments and their community’s interests and concerns. Participants must
abide by all safety requirements and wear personal protective equipment at all
times while on site. 



Foothills is relying
on participating Indigenous groups to identify a suitable candidate who is
recognized by their community as being qualified for the opportunity.  Foothills will be responsible for the final
selection of Participants. Qualifications of successful candidates will include

Knowledge of community-specific values and Project-specific issues or
areas of concern  

Computer and writing skills

Willingness to take direction from ICPP Coordinator and demonstrate a
strong team orientation  

Willingness to work designated shifts based on Project schedule and
reside in hotel or camp accommodation

Fit to work 10-12 hour days in field construction environment

Successful completion of applicable safety certifications

Meet basic fit to work requirements, including successful completion
of an alcohol and drug screening prior to coming to site

Prior environmental, pipeline or general construction experience or
environmental training preferred, but not essential


Participants do not require a vehicle or valid
driver’s license to participate; however, Participants are expected to arrange
to get themselves to and from their hotel at the beginning and end of each
scheduled shift. Daily on-site transportation will be provided by the ICPP

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